6 Ways We Could Help Your Organisation Be Cost-Effective

One of the greatest benefits of TaskLight's solutions is in the cost-effectiveness that they can help you to achieve in your organisation. Here are just 6 ways of the many ways in which we can help:
  1. Stop faxing incident reports, accident reports, daily logs, risk assessments, referral forms and other information to unit managers, regional managers or directors - they can be automatically sent to them when they are submitted.
  2. Reduce phone bills by using Lync for instant messaging and video chats.
  3. Why waste your time driving three hours for a one-hour team meeting? Conduct your meetings online via Lync without losing the benefits of face-to-face meetings by incorporating video calls, PowerPoint presentations and easy minute-taking. You can even record the meeting, to help keep team members accountable.
  4. Respond faster to opportunities by storing your crucial 'paperwork' in TaskLight and getting new houses set up quickly.
  5. Reduce printing and photocopying costs by automatically emailing reports, documents and other information to relevant people.
  6. Communicate securely, quickly and reliably with email on Exchange Online.
Can you think of more ways to achieve cost-effectiveness using TaskLight? Leave a comment below and let us know.
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posted on   March 26, 2012
in   TaskLight's Solutions
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