TaskLight's Aim

TaskLight's aim is to help our clients to be in complete control of their multi-location business from wherever they are, whenever they want, using our fully-integrated, cloud-based management systems.

TaskLight's Mission

Specialising in care and support services in the care and voluntary sector, using innovative, cloud-based technology, TaskLight's fully-integrated business management system revolutionises our customer's management and operational capabilities by delivering a cost-effective, high-quality, secure, professional and user-friendly solution.

Our Story

TaskLight's history begins in early 2009, when Positive Care Ireland (formerly The Solis Trust) began searching for a system to allow them to organise their business and manage the data on their young people. They had tried a server-based solution, installing the hardware in their main office, which was noisy and took up space, time and involved huge up-front costs. Their second iteration ticked far more boxes: It was still secure and reliable, but it was also scalable, cost-efficient and prime for development. With Version1 as the development partner, they created the first version of what they called PIMS - the 'Positive Information Management System'.

Here, Conor stepped in and began to be involved in support and development. Through extensive and constant consultation with employees in all areas of the organisation, further developments were made in-house, incorporating further elements of the daily lives of the young people in their care. In the years since that first version, the system developed in to TaskLight, a robust, secure and reliable solution for recording and maintaining the records of the young people in the care of your organisation.

With years of experience behind us, we now feel confident to offer this system out to other organisations in the regulated care sector. It's common knowledge that IT is a core component of every industry. Ireland is a hub for innovation and creativity. The early adopters of new technologies, such as cloud computing, will be those who gain the most. IT is a tool ready to be used, but it is not one that needs to take over your life. What you need are solutions that allow you to do what you do best - be that running a business, caring for children, helping young people grow or working with someone to achieve their potential. What you need is a system that doesn't add an extra burden to your day.

The solution that we are offering is TaskLight. TaskLight is the accumulation of years of development coupled with Microsoft's excellent Office 365.