Information Management System

TaskLight Information Management System (TIMS) for the care and voluntary sector enables organisations to record, retrieve and analyse information about the daily goings-on of the people in their care. TIMS will free you of the burden of paper-based record systems and enable your organisation to be flexible, responsible and in-control. Once your company has adopted TIMS, out of the office no longer means out-of-touch; with a smartphone, tablet or laptop you can be mobile and connected.

Accuracy & Standards

TaskLight IMS will allow your organisation to accurately record the data about the young people in your care, using forms such as daily logs and critical incident reports. Our system can help your organisation to meet and exceed regulatory requirements and set new standards for the recording of data. TaskLight is the perfect information management system for company directors, unit/ regional managers and social care workers.

Quality & Accountability

TIMS can enable your organisation to reach new levels of quality and accountability. If you're a unit manager, no longer have to wait for a report to be faxed to you or to be in the office in order to review it - you can see it the instant it is recorded, allowing you to immediately review it and respond if necessary. A regional manager can then easily check both that the highest standard of care is being delivered and that the quality of the reporting is constantly improving. Handwriting and poor spelling are no longer an issue: With a built-in spell-checker and typed text, you can focus on what the reports says, instead of how it is written. All employees are issued with a unique username and password, which enables you to see who created and edited any forms, bringing a whole new level of accountability. Every time a report or document is created or edited, the time and time as well as the changes made and the username associated with the change is recorded. In addition to this, a version history is kept, allowing you to go back in time to previous versions of the report or document.